Educational Information

I'm currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Washington.

Here are some of the relevant classes and my grades:
  • Network Design, CSS 432 (GPA - 4.0)
    • Learned how to implement networking using C++ in a Linux distribution (Ubuntu).
    • Learned how to utilize Game Maker Studio.
    • Achieved "Best Game" from class poll for final project.
    • Refer to the homepage for more details.

  • Game Development, CSS 385 (GPA - 3.9)
    • Learned how to pitch a game concept and present progress updates
    • Learned how to work efficiently within a team
    • Learned how to develop games within Unity

  • Analysis and Design, CSS 370 (GPA - 3.9)
    • Learned how to pitch and propose a social app called "LFG IRL" which is a Tindr/Grindr alternative, but for gaming sessions instead of dates.
    • Designed a grocery store app called "Pineapple" to streamline customer orders, takeout from their diner, and more.

  • Game Design, CSS 490 (GPA - 3.8)
    • Learned about design philosophies and modern techniques for game development.
    • Designed and Implemented the video game version of Coup. 
    • Refer to the homepage for more details.

  • Technical Writing, CSS 301. (GPA - 3.7)
    • Learned how to write documents in a professional format and tone.

  • Fundamentals of Computer Programming, CSS 161. (GPA - 3.5)
    • Learned how to use Java.

  • Management Principles, CSS 350 (GPA - 3.7)
    • Learned about proper formalities in regards to collaborative work.
    • Learned how to handle conflict.

  • Software Engineering, CSS 360 (GPA - 3.7)
    • Learned about the fundamentals and flow of the software development cycle
    • Learned about prescriptive/agile methods.
    • Learned how to use the Scrum model

  • Hardware and Computer Organization, CSS 422 (GPA - 3.5)
    • Learned about hardware, how to code in assembly language, and the architecture of microprocessors such as the Motorola 68k.
    • Refer to the homepage for more details.

  • Human-Computer Interactions, CSS 480 (GPA - 3.6)
    • Learned about how to design ideal UI/UX with the end-user in consideration.

  • Web Programming - Special Topics, CSS 490 (GPA - 3.5)
    • Designed the layout of a website for a digital video game store called "GameGo!". Final Presentation located here [link], example game can be found here [link]

Interested Areas

  • Video game programming
  • General programming
  • Video game design
  • Human-Computer Interaction design